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Dr. Liz Empowers ParentsToday, our children have to face many challenges that we did not have to face growing up. As parents, we become frustrated, worried, concerned, and confused as we guide our children through their tweens and teens. Quite often communication breaks down and we are at our wits end with regards to what to do.

As a pediatrician I have counseled parents about how to handle the physical and emotional changes that occur during the tween and teen years. How you handle these changes is crucial to developing children who are confident and successful. I will guide you in providing your children with the resources to effectively address the challenges they face today. Just consider me as your partner in having your children lead great lives.

This website is also designed to provide youth with reliable, trustworthy information about all aspects of health and well being.  I will use my blogs and articles to address the most commonly asked questions.  My daughter also will write a blog that is designed to empower youth; I believe it is important for young people to support each other in a positive way. My intention is to provide youth with the knowledge and confidence to lead healthy and productive lives. It's time to let their light shine and unleash their greatness! Let’s begin our partnership.

Articles for Parents

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